Zafeiris Haitidis is of Greek origin, born in London, UK, in 1974. He is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communications (class of 1996; B.Sc. in Broadcasting and Film). Starting off in the United States, since 1994 he has been professionally active in commercial, feature film, television, documentary and theatre productions. He is a member of the Greek Director’s Guild and the Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute. He resides in Athens, Greece, where he works as a director, filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. His projects as a director include: innovative (multimedia) theatre productions; fashion, dance and music videos; documentaries; TV cultural shows and educational programs, as well as award-winning short films, which have been screened theatrically and have competed in local and international film festivals. He has collaborated as director-cinematographer with VICE Greece on topics of sociopolitical interest; and as cinematographer/stock-footage supplier, with companies such as National Geographic Studios and the National Film Board of Canada, among others. His upcoming interactive web-documentary, “GREEK CHRONICLE PROJECT: Footage Archive”, chronicles the Greek socioeconomic crisis and the Refugee crisis in Greece, directed and filmed by Zafeiris between 2011–2016 (Archive-website consists of 100 photographs, and 2.000+ unedited videos, 3.000+ minutes of raw-footage). Currently, Zafeiris is preparing his debut feature film, a German-language psychological/survival thriller set at the end of World War II.



2018 Greek by birth, Jewish by blood (documentary) Producer / Director of photography

2017 Maniera Greca (short film) Director of photography

2016 Refugee (political music video) Director / Cinematographer / Stock footage

2016 NO/WAY OUT (feature film demo) Director / Producer / Writer

2016 Metalmark (performance art video) Director / Cinematographer

2016 Breaking Free (music video) Director / Cinematographer / Stock footage

2016 Smile (music video) Director / Cinematographer

2016 Vice Greekology (documentary web series – 1 episode) Director / Cinematographer

2016 Vice Meets (documentary web series – 4 episodes) Director / Cinematographer

2016 Vice Metropolitans (doc. web series – 12 episodes) Director / Cinematographer

2015 Talk Of The Town (TV show – 5 episodes) Director / Cinematographer

2015 Paolo’s Dream (documentary) Director of photography

2015 Art Of Theatre (backstage documentary) Director / Cinematographer

2014 Promakhos (feature film) Second Unit Director / Cinematographer / Stock footage

2014 Trip Of The Chef (web show – 2 episodes) Co-Creator / Director / Cinematographer

2013 9+1 Muses (cultural TV show – 15 hourly episodes) Director

2012 Greek Chronicle Project 2012 (doc. series – 10 videos) Director / Cinematographer

2012 Mousiki Mastoura (music video) Director / Cinematographer

2011 Red Zone (documentary) Director / Writer

2010 Web Odyssey (educational TV program – 5 episodes) Director

2009 Stories Without Ending (educational TV program – 5 episodes) Director

2009 S For Sugah (music video) Director / Cinematographer

2009 Beatbox Project (documentary) Director / Cinematographer

2009 Scetchophrenia: Frame By Frame (documentary Pilot) Director

2009 West Of Eden (short film) Director / Co-Producer / Writer

2007 Eternal Kiparissia (documentary) Director

2006 Time Out (short film) Director / Co-Producer / Writer

2002 Panic Room (short film) Director / Producer / Writer